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Allura LVT

Creating the Allura collection was an  exciting journey where our design team combined the insight in trends  in design and architecture and the use of natural materials. There are  many ways in which floor designs influence an environment. They can be  calm, tranquil and unobtrusive giving the space its own character to  come to life. A floor also can be solid as a dominating factor providing  for a strong base for other design elements. Today floors very often  have a tendency to be playful and to be in harmony with the environment.  Mixing and matching plank sizes, colors and material expression create  individual floors. The Allura collection has been designed to offer the  wide spectre a floor can have.

Allura & the environment

Carefully selected raw materials
Allura  is produced with carefully selected raw materials that are checked for  consistency and quality. The fact that layers of the product are created  in our own factory and no pre-engineered layers of filler or coatings  are used means that no raw material is being spilled in the production  process.

Phthalate free
All Allura  collections are created with the highest environmental stands in mind  and all collections in the Allura range are phthalate free.

Recycled content
Allura  also contains recycled content, which is used in the backing of most  ranges. For Allura we are only using scrap from our Allura ranges, in  this way we can guarantee that also our recycled content in fact is  phthalate free.  

The Art of Flooring

The  Allura collection presents  the ultimate finesse in realistic natural and abstract designs that have  been created with state of the art production techniques and processes  to create the most realistic and natural material expression in luxury  vinyl tiles. Luxury Vinyl Tiles have matured into a new
flooring  category that is readily winning ground in all kinds of market segments.  Whether it is retail, leisure, hospitality, offices or education and  healthcare facilities, LVT is recognized as an easy to install, easy to  maintain high performance floor covering that has the look and feel of  its natural counterparts, be it wood, stone or any abstract material.  Like often is the case when a trend develops the offer of LVT products  has exploded beyond belief.


Now is the time to  recognize the quality of those products.  Allura LVT will last  for years to come, with a unique design that has been created from the  natural original to the refinement of the grain and texture that creates  a lifelike copy, which in itself can claim to be an original. Although  design attracts the taste and creates the atmosphere that is chosen  there are other important factors that professional floors relate to.  Flawless installation, impeccable dimensional stability, floors that are  easy to maintain, and keep looking good without additional polish or  frequent maintenance intervals.