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Jerry & Tana Van Cleave
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Grant T. Smith
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Following a weekend getaway trip to Dallas in early 2000, Jerry and Tana Van Cleave first discovered a love and excitement for decorative concrete. Jerry, with a life-long background in construction, researched and decided this could be a weekend DIY job. Product was ordered and the front porch of the family home became the first project. The results were beautiful and led to the creation of VanCrete Decorative Concrete. The company now  includes son, Grant T. Smith and has grown from a side business to a decorative concrete installation business and a DIY store with showroom.
The mission of the store is to provide quality products and knowledge for the DIY customer as well as to display color and samples of our interior and exterior work for easy selection and comparison. With over 15 years of experience and millions of sq. ft. of “concrete made unique,” the mission continues. VanCrete Decorative Concrete brings quality products and experience to its customers in the Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas. Call or message us today for an estimate, visit our showroom, or visit our Facebook page for our most up to date projects.

Jerry and Tana Van Cleave love living in Tulsa with their 3 cats. Grant T Smith lives in Tulsa with 1 cat.